How much does it cost?

You are only charged for the service if you want to reclaim your item.

Apart from packaging and an administration fee the charge is dependent on the shipping costs to your destination which vary according to country, weight and size of the item.

The exact amount for your individual item will be calculated by the system when entering the tracking number and the destination.


Shipping costs

DestinationCosts Domestic300 SEK (up to 5kg) EU1000 SEK (up to 5kg) Europe1100 SEK (up to 5kg) USA1500 SEK (up to 5kg) World wide2700 SEK (up to 5kg)

Service Fee

Arlanda:SEK 60 Terms and Conditions MailandFly bagport Sweden AB


Shipping costs

DestinationCosts Domestic13.50 GBP (up to 5kg) Europe29 GBP (up to 5kg) USA38 GBP (up to 5kg) World wide58 GBP (up to 5kg)

Service Fee

Heathrow:GBP 6 Bristol:GBP 6 Terms and Conditions MailandFly bagport UK Ltd
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